Sedley School Community Council Fundraising 2022 2023

Sedley SCC hot lunches
September 22 - Taco in a bag $417.86
October 28 - Pizza Hut $547.23
November  23 - Popcorn Chicken and Veggies  $318.25
December 16 - Pancakes and Bacon $413.82
January 20 - Dry Ribs and Fries $213.57
February 16 - Spaghetti Lunch $285.81 
March 16 - Ham and Perogies $275.28
April 24 - Chicken Burger $348.46
TOTAL = $2820.28
Sedley SCC Fundraisers
H5 Dough to go -  $620.00
Family Bingo Night - $2091.96
Cookbook - $120.00
Growing Smiles (plant fundraiser) -
Sarcan (Recyclables collected) - $460.40
Sedley School Community Council meetings - First Wednesday of every month excluding July and August.
Agenda items can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to Sedley School SCC Box 68 Sedley, SK S0G 4K0
Sedley School Community Council:
Chair - Cristalee Allan
Vice Chair - Brandy Aspelieter
Secretary - Brenda Brick
Treasurer - Brenda Brick
Principal - Ryan Harding
Teacher  - Kirsten Moore
PVSD Sub division representative - Janet Kotylak
Member (Appointed Village Council) - Alan Currie
Member - Ashli Brick
Member - Michelle Klein
Member - Jana Leier
Member - Amber McEwen
Member:  Tara Nestman
Member:  Connie Perras
Member:  Ruth Solie
Member:  Krissy Hofer
The Sedley SCC will strive to support the school goals as well as school initiatives.  The Sedley SCC will be hosting monthly hot lunches and collect recyclables throughout the school year to support school initiated field trip activities and field trip travel expenses.  Continuing sales from the 2021 Sedley School cookbook fundraiser and the H5 DoughTOGO fundraiser supports SCC programs; such as the Leap into Literacy Program, Awards Program, Grade Eight Farewell gifts, etc.  Proceeds from the annual Growing Smiles plant fundraiser (April/May 2023) will be used to support our school grounds beautification.  All fundraising by the Sedley SCC is given back to the school community. 
We thank all the school community members for your support and look forward to a rewarding, exciting 2022 2023 school year.